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September 2017, Milad Tower, Tehran, Iran
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International conference on Law in Iran

Professor Iraj Golduzian, scientific secretary of the International Congress of Iranian law, one of the famous Iranian lawyers said: for the first time with the support of universities and executive institutions, a magnificent and comprehensive event will be held in Tehran with the participation of best Iranian jurists, the presence of international guests from international legal institutions and invitation for national authorities including the President. The necessity of holding this event for the country in this year has been doubled because of the consideration and announcement of the civil rights by the current government and emphasizing on legal oversight.

He continued: " the First International Congress on law in Iran with a vision to monitor the legal supervision and citizen rights " aimed at strengthening the monitoring and enforcement of laws to empower and improving the effectiveness of executive institutions in legal matters since introducing the latest theories and scientific achievements and comment exchange, with the support of universities and state executive institutions will be held in September this year.

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